What the Hell-owe’en?!


I hate to sound like a prude, but it’s hard not to sound like a prude when you’re a prude.  When did Hallowe’en become Sex it up Trash Night?  I guess it was a gradual process, but now it’s full on Dress Like a Whore For No Reason Eve.  I’m shopping for costumes and everything, from goblins to zebras, looks like an ad for a strip mall adult entertainment store.  12 year old girls in sexy nurse outfits and bad school girl uniforms, because on Hallowe’en that’s ‘ok’?!  Not to mention the fact that there are more adult costumes out there than kid costumes.  What’s happening?  Does every parent need an excuse to show the world they’ve still got it?  ’cause I don’t care if they’ve still got it, I don’t want it.  And of course we’re only talking about women’s costumes here, there are no sexy men’s costumes.  I don’t even know what a sexy men’s costume would be, there’s no such thing because men aren’t made to feel like they have to prove anything…just dressing up in a suit and a tie would do it for me.  Listen, you can “sex it up” any time you want, wherever you want, I don’t care, but don’t steal Hallowe’en.  Too late I know.  It’s taken.  I’ve lost another fight.  So, yeah, go on: women…put on a garter belt, fish nets, a push up bra and some animal’s ears, and men…put on a tie.  Just stand back from the mirror long enough to give a sexy kid some candy when they come to the door.  (Kathy)

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  1. lee phillips says:

    Whether it be the rescue of Halloween or world
    peace…. stick to your guns,Kathy, and always
    fight the good fight.. Be Boston Strong..

  2. michael alden says:

    God gives you the courage a to fight a losing battle,
    despite the fact that all you want to do is surrender.
    Always fight the good fight,Kathy, and be BOSTON STRONG !

  3. jude iversen says:

    If you want to “desex” Halloween, just envision
    Rob Ford in lung crushing spandex !EEEWWWWW