The WFC Writer’s Room

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wfc writers retreat

This is us at Robin’s cottage. The 4 of us hunker down here every now and then for a ‘writing retreat’. Why does it take us such a long time to write our shows, you ask? Well, our comedic standards are so high, it’s imperative that we take the time required to properly research, create, vet, rework and…yeah, ok, it’s because all we do on our writing retreats is eat, swim and eat. Here’s the thing: we make each other laugh for 3 days and that eventually makes it into our shows so, yes, it’s a very long, and very fun, process. We’re Canadian girls and we like our time up north in nature. Speaking of which, it’s no coincidence that we begin touring our new shows in Northern Ontario – it’s always a familiar, beautiful and inspiring fresh start. Look for us soon Orillia and Huntsville!