The Furminator


Black lab, white couch.  Sigh.  Why even bother trying?  I mean, what’s the point of worrying about it, right?   It’s futile.  Sisyphus rolling the rock up the hill.  So I was just on the verge of getting all Zenny and letting it go and breathing it out and then suddenly at the pet store beside the pretty coloured poop bags I found The Furminator!  This thing is amazing.   The amount of loose fur it removes in one brushing is remarkable and truly makes a huge difference in my hairy, “how did her fur actually make it into the fridge?” life.  Once a week and the shedding is down about 75%.  Sorry for the gross picture of dog fur, but I had to let people know about this.  I should also let prospective dog owners know that short hair breeds actually shed in a more annoying way than long hair breeds as the long hair acts like a tumble weed that you can simply pick up while the short hair floats around your entire house and why didn’t anyone TELL ME THIS??  breathe it out. (Kathy)

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  1. lee phillips says:

    Growing up in the sixties, the family dog was a
    Heinz ( all 57 kinds )… A part of that mix was
    black lab… If only pounds could be shed as
    quickly as his hair !! Especially in spring when
    he was shedding his wintercoat ! Where was furminator
    then ??!!

  2. danya nielsen says:

    Not having a dog, I can’t fully appreciate the
    Furminator.. However, GREAT Sisyphus reference!
    At some point work in Diogenes and Achilles,
    and you’ll have a hat trick !:)