I know that other people’s wildlife sightings never seem interesting, but I have to post it anyway.  On our trip back from Pembroke we drove through Algonquin Park and it couldn’t have been a better drive if we’d booked it a year in advance with a professional Tour Bus company.  We went to the Logging Museum, ( beautiful walk through Algonquin learning the brutal history of 19th century logging while spotting pterodactyl size herons and swatting tracker-jacker size deer flies).  We ate a yummy lunch at Killarney Lodge.  And then we saw a moose.  Gotta see a moose when you’re in Algonquin Park, and we did.  Of course it’s beside the only power line in a million miles of wilderness…not a photo savvy moose, but a moose.  We were happy campers.  Well, not literally campers.  Happy van travellers.  Wouldn’t have lasted 20 seconds as a logger.   (Kathy)

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