Laundry Without Plastic

By October 18, 2019 No Comments

– Kathy here – You know that huge island of plastic that’s floating in the middle of the Pacific?  It’s mine.  I own it.  I’m that person who grew up enjoying colourful, convenient kooky plastic things that I’m pretty sure are all now drifting somewhere between Hawaii and California.  I’m really sorry. If I could I’d plant myself on my island in one of my old plastic deck chairs, sip from my old plastic coconut tumbler, open an air b ‘n b for other guilty consumers and we’d all float away in shame.  But that wouldn’t save the planet.  So instead, for the past few decades I’ve attempted to redeem myself by finding ways to reduce plastic in my day to day life. One of the sticklers has been my laundry.  I can buy natural, organic, phosphate-free built-by-unicorns detergent but, if it comes in a huge plastic jug, who cares?  Well lookie here…Tru Earth delivers, via mail, a small envelope full of these little sheets of detergent and they are FANTASTIC.  Just rip one off and throw it in.  And it works.  Really well. This isn’t a paid endorsement, I like sharing goodies I find now and then and this is a winner.  Go to their site, learn more and enjoy. That’s right, enjoy your laundry. And I’ll feel a little less guilty.  https://www.tru.earth