“Instant Mom”


Our good friend, Nia Vardalos, has written a book about her experience adopting her daughter through the Foster system.  It’s called “Instant Mom”, and it will be available in April.  You all know Nia from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  She’s a funny, talented, brilliant lady and a fabulous mom.  I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and just about ate it up.  It has all the warmth and humor and charm and goofiness and honesty of Nia wrapped up in 277 pages. Also, I come off looking really really good in it. Whether you’re a fan, a parent, a wanna be parent, have or want to have experience with adoption or just love a book that makes you feel good, I recommend this to you.  Be on the look out for it, or just have a peek at this link, (with a hilarious pitch from Nia) and order one now. It would also make a great Mother’s Day gift. (Kathy)


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