Holler 4 Health Care


We’re very happy to be a part of this evening and to be hollerin’ about such a good cause, we Canadians like our health care! We’re in wonderful company, including Brent Carver and my friend Shirley Douglas.  Come join us if you’re in the hood.  (Kathy)

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  1. William Vaughan says:

    Glad to see you and Shirley Douglas together on the same bill. Wind at My Back is one of the finest television shows ever made and the two of you were terrific as Grace and May Bailey. You both did an amazing job of showing how two people could misunderstand each other, drive each other crazy at times, yet still love each other very deeply. I should mention that I think Debra McGrath was wonderful as Reenie Bigelow. She gave the character just the right oddball touch. Shirley’s father is one of my heroes for his role in bringing single payer to Canada and his honorable stand for civil liberties when Pierre Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act during the October Crisis. There have never been anywhere near enough honest, principled politicians like him for as long as politics has existed. Good luck to you and your fellow Canadians in your struggle to preserve one of your country’s greatest achievements.

  2. janet newfield says:

    any chance of clips on u-tube for those
    that don’t live in the hood ?