Happy Hallowe’en!


I am pro candy corn. I know a large percentage of the population can’t stand this candy but I’ve loved it ever since I was a little girl visiting my cousins in Milwaukee.  It was in that group of mystical  goodies and chocolate bars we couldn’t get in Canada. But it has to be Brach’s, all other candy corn are a lame imitation, and we still don’t get Brach’s in Canada!  Except at a little, old, nondescript Bulk Store on the Danforth where I tracked it down and bought plenty.  I know, it’s sugar and corn syrup (and honey if it’s Brach’s), so bad, so bad.  Can’t help it, this one’s a guilty pleasure.  Happy Hallowe’en everyone. (Kathy)

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  1. gretchen church says:

    It isn’t Halloween without candy corn… UNLESS, it is Hersheys
    special dark chocolate… now THAT’S candy !!