Jayne and I love real life adventure stories.  Probably because of our mutual involvement in extreme sports and the fact that we actually met as rescuers in the Coast Guard on the Bering Sea.  Anyhoo, we eat these books up like popcorn. They’re exciting and suspenseful and a fascinating study of the human spirit…and always a great lesson in geography for those who are geographically challenged.  We’ve read dozens of them, but this one remains our fave.  ‘Endurance’, by Alfred Lansing, is about Shackleton’s failed attempt to cross Antarctica on foot.  As a matter of fact, he barely gets to set foot on the ice floes floating off of Antarctica before things kinda go south, and you can’t get much more south than Antarctica. It’s an unbelievable journey of endless challenges.  I mean endless, they just keep coming. I would have given up by page 48, but this group of brave men with a true leader and one brilliant navigator persist to overcome ridiculous odds.  A great read for couch potatoes who can’t climb a ladder without feeling faint. (Kathy)

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  1. jude iversen says:

    I very much agree with your assessment of Shackleton’s
    ” stick to “.. He and his crew endured physical nature.. if
    you want endurance of human nature, I would recommend
    Kathleen Kent’s The Heretic’s Daughter.. It is set in the time
    of the Salem Witch (Hunts) Trials… A thread to the story would
    be… “it was a time when charity and mercy were all thrown into
    the fire of zealotry, covering everyone left living with the
    bitter ash of regret and blame…” Hope you can carve out some
    time to read and reflect… Jude

    • Women Fully Clothed says:

      Oh thank you, that sounds wonderful! Anything about the Salem witch trials interests me, I’ll check it out for sure.