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  1. Jennifer Grant says:

    I’ll second that!

  2. CHIRPnoq says:

    ???????,??????????! .

  3. Julia Pal says:

    My sister took me to see your show at the Oakville Centre on
    Dec13/18. I LOVED it!!!! How refreshing to laugh out loud so much in one sitting.
    Great writing, great performances and a wonderful synergy between you on stage.
    The Costco moment was especially funny , Kathy, since that’s where we ran into each
    recently; at our ‘local’, Costco.
    Thank you for reminding me of how much I enjoy really good
    sketch comedy. Bravo!
    Please put me on your mailing list.
    Julia Pal

  4. Suzanne Bland says:

    Heh you guys better update your “upcoming shows” I plan on going to the Orilia Opera House in Orillia on the 16th of November. I’m sure a lot of others would go to if they knew you gals were performing. Can’t wait to see you Jane. I have been a fan for EVER. It doesn’t hurt that you have a brother named Clint, who I have had a crush on since he played in “Play misty for me” and so many, many more

  5. Wendy Cockburn says:

    How do I get on a notification list when you schedule your next Toronto tour date?

  6. Marie Harrison says:

    I am so excited to see your show, when will you be in the Toronto area? Let me know, just the name “women fully clothed” has me laughing.

  7. Debra says:

    I was wondering if you will be performing sometime in September here in Canada. My granddaughter birthday is the 19 th of September and I wanted to take her to this show. I saw your show many years ago in Oakville, Ontario and I never laughed so darn hard.
    Please let me know cause I just loved this show and I know she would as well.
    Thank you and please never stop with this one; it is a keeper.
    Debra Bambrough

  8. Marie says:

    Can you tell me if you have any tour dates? Love to watch your show

  9. Marie Harrison says:

    I would love to go with my girlfriends to see WFC. Can you let me know when you tour dates are?

  10. Lisa Jones says:

    What an incredibly funny show last night at the Royal Cinema! So great to see these wonderfully talented and extremely funny ladies on stage again! We all had such a good laugh! Thank you and can’t wait to see the next “Women Fully Clothed” show!!


  11. Marci Wright-Smith says:

    I heard your profile on CBC yesterday. When/where are your next dates for British Columbia shows?
    Kind Regards,

    • Women Fully Clothed says:

      Hi Marci, the show we promoted on CBC was only for one night, but we’re writing a new one! So, when that is ready we will hopefully bring it to your beautiful province. Thanks!

  12. Pamela McTaggart says:

    Hi Robin,
    Just touching base…I attended your show tonight at the Oakville Centre…”I’ve Been Hacked” and was the lady who at the end suggested you record your humour for the cancer community (to be played during the down time involved in chemo treatment and in MRI scans.)
    As a Canadian comedian, voice actress and cancer survivor, you could pioneer this idea within that community and bring an element of the show tonight to those who await treatment.
    I wanted to add that family members and caregivers who also take the journey could benefit from inclusiveness in relating to your work.
    Perhaps you know about “Wellspring,” an organization that brings people dealing with cancer into contact with resources that support their journey. When I attended, it would have been such a benefit to have had your specific comedy available.
    Please give developing this thought serious consideration and get it out to institutions, support groups and treatment areas for the positive element it brings!

    All the best- great show this evening!


  13. Julie Maciura says:

    When will you be appearing in Toronto next????
    Can’t wait for your next show!

  14. Laurie May says:

    Please book some tour dates soon. Come back to Collingwood, Ontario. I really enjoyed your show when you performed here.

    Laurie May

  15. Lisa Jones says:

    Hi Ladies! We love your show and are wondering if you might be coming to Toronto soon! We have a big crowd who are hoping you will!

    Lisa Jones

  16. John Dolin says:

    The world is waiting for your next show!

  17. jimlongo says:

    I’ve been waiting in anticipation of what your new touring plans might look like for Summer 2017. Please break the radio silence and give us fans some hope!!

  18. Kim Burgess says:

    Will there be any Canadian shows in 2015?

  19. Natalia Divsic says:

    Friends and I saw your show in Burlington ON on Oct 5th…..we thought it was amazing, we saw ourselves in pretty much every skit you presented and we laughed until we cried. Thank you for that we needed it.

  20. Sandra Hitchman (nee Eamon) says:

    This note is for Robin Duke.
    I read a recent article in the metro Robin about your battle with cancer.
    When I first met you your Mom was battling cancer and we did a show for her at princess Margaret hospital.
    Our best number was don’t sit under the apple tree by the Andrew Sisters.
    I am not sure if you see her however if you do say Hello to Mary Margaret for me.

  21. Cherie Ahlquist says:

    Just saw your show in San Luis Obispo. I was expecting something like stand up comedy which I love. After getting a NO from my cheap friends who wouldn’t pay the price of a ticket, my husband agreed to go IF I bought the tickets, after refusing two invitations. I think he felt sorry for me. So, the first good thing that happened is that the auditorium did not fill so we were told by an usher we could move down front. My husband didn’t want to as he was so SURE you were going to pick on the men in the audience (there was about 15) but we moved. The first vignette the four of you performed made my heat stop – it was loud, frenzied, shrill, hard to understand and terribly annoying with all of you talking at once. This is the sort of thing men hate! I began wondering if I could get my money back. As the show progressed, you got funnier and funnier! I found myself laughing and so was he. He is a great guy but admits to a less then stellar sense of humor. I think he has a great one but he doesn’t think so. The funniest bit was the fat little tummy in the Low Rider Jeans bit. I was surprised that you all had wonderful singing voices. Thanks for a great evening. (I was a little disappointed you didn’t tease the men – there is SO much material there!) Cherie Ahlquist

  22. Carol and Glenn Thompson says:

    Saw the show in Las Vegas April 11 – it was terrific!

  23. Doug Lear says:

    have any future dates been set for end of April and the beginning of May.. I will be on the west coast, have heard wonderful things about your show and would love to see it.
    Unless of course you have DC in your eyesight, then I will be patient.

    thank you


  24. Maria Cruz says:


  25. Dave says:

    Hope you come back to the NE US, love to see you again!

  26. Raquel Sananes says:

    Can you please tell me if this show is appropriate for 12 year old girls? Is it Rated R? Is there sexual content that would be inappropriate for a younger teen audience. Help! Could someone please let me know?

    Thank you,

  27. Dave says:

    Please come back to the North East US soon. Saw you at Thomaston CT and want to bring all my friends to see you again next time! Wish you all the best, you are absolutely wonderful.
    — Dave

  28. Jane says:

    Looking forward to the show in April Thousand Oaks, CA. Appreciate your wonderfully funny perspective on life as my friends & I approach the age 50!

  29. Cynthia says:

    What a wonderful show last night at the Capitol Theatre in Chatham,On. Thank you for the many laughs and many stories to share which we could all relate too.Very clever with your lines. Wonderful entertainment. Some of the men who attended the show appeared to have many laughs. Our world is so serious and as a women comedy troupe, keep up the excellent work

  30. Harmony says:


    I am looking to find out upcoming tour dates and locations. There is nothing currently listed on our website?


  31. Jim Humphrey says:

    I see you will be playing the st. Clair Capitol Theatre in Chatham, Ontario on November 15. I came to your website to see where else you might be performing and imagine my surprise when “Upcoming Shows” says “No events to show”! I find this a curious way to promote your appearances. I do plan to attend the Chatham show.
    I thought you might appreciate some mild criticism of your website: you need to make sure it is kept up to date, at least the important stuff involving money for you.
    And I do know all to well what happens when your computer and your external hard drive backup both fail. Hopefully you will have learned from your experience and obtained some advice from Nerds On Site (disclaimer: I am a Nerd) about how, where and when to back up your valuable information.

  32. Janice Finkle says:

    I saw your show many years ago in Kingston and loved it! I want to share your show with my sister as she is turning 50 this year. Are you going out on tour again in 2014?

    Would love to know,

  33. Nancy says:

    Come back to Annapolis! Saw the show at Ramshead On Stage-it was great!
    Miss you Kathy Greenwood on whose Line is it anyway-one of the best shows on television.

  34. Victoria says:

    Are you ever coming back to California? I don’t normally like comedy but your show was so much fun. Hope you make another trip down here one day.

  35. Wendy Keller says:

    Hello Ladies,
    I hope this email finds you enjoying a beautiful day!

    I was wondering if you were planning to come to Montreal this year?

    Wendy Keller

  36. Kim VanderLaan says:


    I saw your show in Brampton, ON this past week and absolutely loved it! I was wondering if you have any CDs of the songs you do? If not, are there any plans for one?

    Thank you!

    Kim VanderLaan

  37. Ellen Farber says:

    Saw the show last night in Brampton. Laughed my head off. Awesome skits, fantastic acting and worth every penny! Thank you. You ladies are wonderful!

  38. Connie Karlsson says:

    Saw your show last night at the Rose Theatre in Brampton On. It was brilliant! I have not laughed so hard and continuously for as long as I can remember, tears were streaming down my face and I was snorting which I am inclined to do when fully engaged in something funny – rather embarrassing but there you go.

    Your sense of comedic timing is bar none, all four of you playing off of each other was masterful, the writing is so 21C insightful and made me realize in a sold out show just how close you were hitting home w all of the women (and men) in the audience – what I am not alone?!

    I have had an incredibly hard year – lost my job in March at the age of 58, cast aside like a wad of used kleenex, blew my neck w a double herniated disk in May, broke up w my boyfriend of 8 years after I realized that once I was no longer his sugar momma and I needed help, well there wasn’t much there was there anyway (and the sex was like how you girls turned the knobs of the breasts in your show). My two adult children moved back home this summer and fall and my 17 year old grand daughter moved in w me 3 weeks ago.

    You have restored my faith in myself, humanity and I am ready to face another day.

    Thanks ladies for a job well done!

    with kind regards,


    PS this has to go to TV as a sitcom – please please please.

  39. robin bailey says:

    When are you coming back to Newmarket, Ontario? or close by?

  40. Derek Kaill says:

    Dear Robin Duke,

    Please be our guest on “Bob & Derek”. Bob Glouberman is an actor in LA and I’m a Canadian comedian in London, Ontario.

    You need Skype and a webcam. It’s 15 minutes long and we’ll talk about “Women Fully Clothed”, past projects, or whatever you’d like. The last few minutes are spent discussing a current news item (thus far, we’ve done 2012 presidential debates and Hurricane Sandy).

    As the Canadian member of the team, it’s my job to book as many funny Canucks as I can (and I’m trying also to increase our female content – we’ve only thus far booked one: Cathy Ladman).

    Hope you’re well,
    Derek Kaill

    Here’s our first episode, featuring Eddie Pepitone:

  41. Nancy says:

    When will you be back to the Annapolis,Md area???!!!

  42. Margaret Fex says:

    I just Google’d Kathryn Greenwood, and this was one of the first sites to pop up. This summer I discovered & started watching the Canadian series (created & produced by Kevin Sullivan) called “Wind At My Back”, in which she plays Grace Bailey, and I have become a sincere Kathryn Greenwood fan. This is no small thing for me to say, as I am not much of a fan of anyone in film, theatre, comedy, etc. I’m just not easily impressed, I guess.

    However, I wasn’t surprised to find that Ms. Greenwood is a veteran of the highly-esteemed Second City. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing her in anything but “Wind At My Back” yet, but it is obvious to me that she is a gifted actress with a wonderful sense of comedy; even though her role as Grace Bailey doesn’t particularly highlight her comedic talents, as it is more of a dramatic than a comedic role, nevertheless, whenever the story bends in that direction, she is totally charming, natural, authentic – and very, very funny! Her portrayal of Grace is not just a portrayal – you get the feeling that she really embodies & understands that character & just “is” Grace. First I fell for Grace Bailey as a character & found myself internally pulling for her; then I realized that the reason I could feel that strongly about a character in a TV series was because of the terrific actress playing her.

    That might seem like a pretty obvious statement, but as I said, I am new at being a “fan” of anything! I was delighted to find out that she is doing ensemble comedy in Women Fully Clothed and would love to see one of her shows. Any plans to come to California or Hawaii in 2012 or 2013? I split my time between both places and hope WFC will be having some shows scheduled in either of these states in the not-too-distant future. According to this site, however, it doesn’t look like the WFC ladies have anything coming up at all, anywhere. Is the site currently up-to-date as of August 2012?

    I have one tiny little suggestion for the comments forum that I hope your webmaster/moderator will consider: Is it possible to put the most recently posted comments listed first, rather than last? It just seems counterintuitive to me, although I have noticed that quite a few forums,
    comment areas & guest-books on various web sites are formatted in this way. Is it because that is the way those features are prefabricated, or is there something (else) that I don’t know about web etiquette & protocol?

    I would also like to know how to contact Ms. Greenwood directly – does she have her own web site?

    I have to also put in a good word for all things Canadian when it comes to film & TV. Ever since I was in elementary school, and first saw the superior educational & documentary films produced by the Film Board of Canada, right through to the excellent mini-series, television series & feature films filled with Canadian talent, I have come to really appreciate my northern neighbors.

    Thanks for having this site – I am delighted to find out about some great comedy & hope to see some live WFC shows in the near future.


    Margaret Fex
    San Mateo, California

  43. Leslie MacLean says:

    Caught your show in Nanaimo, BC and have been raving about it ever since I arrived back home in the East. Any chance you might share this hilarity with the good folks in Nova Scotia????

  44. Esther Kane says:

    Hi Gals,

    I was treated to your delightful show last night here in Courtenay for my 41st birthday present from my darling husband. As a woman’s psychotherapist working on a book about women embracing their age (sans plastic surgery and self-hatred), your show was a breath of fresh air and reinforced everything I’m working towards. Thank you! My blog is: if you’re interested. I’m featuring you gals today on it so check it out! Thanks again for a delightful evening.


    Esther Kane

  45. Emily Schroeder says:

    What a pleasure to enjoy an evening with all of you! Wonderful that Courtenay would be on your touring schedule. An evening shared with friends and now firmly planted in the memory banks. Thanks so much for the tears of laughter.

  46. Peggy Old (Ryall) says:

    Hi Robin, Cousin Peggy here. I was in Ottawa May 5-7 for Tulip Festival and saw you were performing May 3, so sorry I missed you. Are you coming back to the North (Huntsville, Bracebridge) this summer? I sure hope so. Say hi to Auggie and Hendrik for me. Hope to see you soon, love Peggy

  47. Nancy Power says:

    Hi, I went to your show in Ottawa last night on May 3rd. Today I reenacted many of the skits at my office with roars of laughter. It seems that I have missed my calling and should have gone into show business. I was particularly good at performing the “I hate the cottage” song and was wondering if you would be releasing the lyrics. I know that I could entertain many friends with this song and want to do it justice. I understand if the song is under “copyright” but I assure you that I would give you all the credit and promote your show. I can’t wait until you come back to Ottawa. You were so fabulous. Way to go! Nancy – a woman who is about to celebrate my 25th anniversary of turning 25!

  48. Julie says:

    Ladies. Saw the show at Centrepoint Theatre in Ottawa last night. Loved the show. Could not stop laughing. Truly enjoyed the honesty portrayed. Thank you for a wonderful evening. Looking forward to seeing you again.


  49. RJ says:

    Damn, I wanted to see this show on May 9th in North Van, but I’m seeing the Black Keys on the same night…please come back to Vancouver or North Vancouver, soon.


  50. Yvonneteresa says:

    I just saw your Show at the Napa Oprah House in California!
    I had continuous Belly Laughs and than laughed some more.
    Thank you for coming to Napa and please come back. I know there was not a full house but the second time around i sure will try to promote your show! Thanks again

  51. Ladies, Just reading the Georgia Straight and saw your ad for your upcoming show in Vancouver. We, The Hot Mammas, are your musical counterpart. If you have any doubts or think “Who the hell is this nutjob?”, check us out on Facebook, Twitter or our website. Sold out shows everywhere we’ve played, harmonies and singing that’ll make you dance,sing and shout and sufficiently made up and coiffed to be legit, in other words, we bring the goods! Hope we can all meet sometime. Cheers! Melanie Paul

  52. Sandy Adamec says:

    After watching the complete series, Wind at My Back, this year; imagine how thrilled I was to see “Grace Bailey” up on the stage for Women Fully Clothed on March 17 in Tucson, AZ! The show was incredible. I laughed, teared up and shook my head in “Yes, I know, I know”.

    As a huge fan of Second City, I thought your review was right up there with the best of the best. So when are you coming to Chicago? I want a girls night out with my Chicago friends to share your hilarious show.
    Sandy Adamec

    • Women Fully Clothed says:

      Thanks Sandy, we will be in Chicago May 24th to the 27th, at the Second City’s new theatre! We’ll have info up on this site soon. Please tell all your Chicago friends and have a great girls’ night out, it’s the best way to enjoy this show!

  53. Francine Cross says:

    I would like to know if the shoe coming to Ottaawa in May is the same as last year or is it a new one. I saw last year show in Ottawa, and your first one before that in Thunder Bay. Just loved them both. Last year I organize a night out for the woman at work (diner and your show), they all thoughts that it was the best night out they had had in a longtime.Great work. I am a fan.

    • Women Fully Clothed says:

      Thanks Francine! It is the same show as last year, Older and Hotter, so please feel free to let any other friends know, the ones who didn’t make last year’s night out! (Kathy)

  54. Julie Cherry says:

    I can’t wait to see you in May at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo BC! Finally! From what I’ve seen so far, your sketches put a spin on being a woman and mother in a light that really hits home……humor is the answer and you’ve nailed it………

  55. Kathy Fetterolf says:

    Please, please, please come to Sarasota, Florida!! You would be perfect for The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. And, to top it all off, it’s one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit…our Siesta Beach was rated #1 in the US!

    Love Kathy Greenwood…my husband and I are hooked on Wind at my Back. We love Grace! Very sorry that it ends so abruptly though, Grace was just finding her groove!!!

  56. Joe Ann Gibbs says:

    I just want to say that your show was a riot and you really know your audience. I am a clinical sexologist and marriage and family therapist. You kept myself and all the women in my book club in stitches. I have been in t each of those stages of womanhood/feminine dilemma. If we can laugh at ourselves we can understand why we do certain things. I loved that you did not diminish women or bash them. Just made us laugh at ourselves constantly trying to please. It is our DNA I guess or our Moma’s.

    With kind regards,

    Joe Ann Gibbs

  57. Laura says:


    Your website indicates that you have a show scheduled on April 4 at Montalvo in Saratoga, CA. On Montalvo’s website, the Women Fully Clothed show is scheduled for April 19. Could you please let me know which date (April 4 or 19) you plan to be at Montalvo – Saratoga CA. I actually can’t make the April 19 date, so I am hoping it is April 4!

    Thank you,

    • Women Fully Clothed says:

      It is the 19th, and we apologize for our error. Thank you for pointing it out to us, and we’re so sorry you won’t be able to make it! This won’t do, we’ll simply have to come back to your neck of the woods very soon, Laura. Again, our apologies for the confusion.


  58. Kimberly Wareham says:

    Just wanted to say that it was great meeting you-Robin, Kathryn, and Jayne today at Mom’s Organic. It was a pleasure being able to talk to you and I hope you liked the store. I remember you said you were getting some stocking stuffers- so i hope your family or friends enjoy them! Have a good rest of your tour and safe travels!

  59. donna and dave says:

    We caught you at the Thomaston Opera House in CT. I am the male half of this duo and it was my idea to go (we live 70 mi away in Mystic CT). I was one of the half dozen guys in the audience (why so few?) and had a wonderful time, loved and will always remember your sketches. Donna not so enthused because she was overcome for a while by the mustiness of the old building, but took pills and recovered in the 2nd act and enjoyed too. Thanks again, good luck to you all. – Dave
    PS I was the only one in the theater laughing right away at the mention of Mark Knofler. I guess I was the only Dire Straits fan in the audience.

  60. Elizabeth Perry says:

    Is there any chance “Women Fully Clothed” will be coming to Virginia?

    I love Kathryn “Grace” Greenwood. I am hooked on Wind At My Back and will continue to watch as long as it is on. I also bought the series and if it ever goes off the air again, well at least I will have the DVDs. The original Honey is also one of my favorites. In fact, I love the whole cast!

  61. Judith Morrison says:

    Would love to have you all in Boise, Idaho. I am a fan of Kathy Greewood. I enjoyed the series Wind at my Back and was so disappointed when it stopped production. I viewed some of Women Fully clothed and feel that Idaho women would thoroughly enjoy them. Thank you for your consideration.

  62. Linda Sullivan says:

    I heard about your show from a friend who went to your show at the Portsmouth, NH Music Hall and absolutely loved it two days ago. She told me to watch for it in my city. Do you have plans to visit Portland, Oregon or Gresham, Oregon?

  63. Mary Kelly says:

    Congratulations on all your success. Hoping to see the show sometime. When will the show be back in Canada – Hamilton or Toronto. Have a great time in the great old U.S. of A. Jane Eastwood you are amazing. Loved you in everything I have seen even the commercials LOL.

  64. Wendell Deare says:

    We’ve just seen your interview on Distinguished Artists, and we’d love to see your show. Is there a chance you’ll be playing in Toronto area, or Port Hope, or Kingston, even Gananoque sometime in the near future?

    Hope we can see your show soon,

    Wendell Deare

  65. carol moffatt says:

    I so miss Kathryn Greenwood I watch Wind at my Back over, over and over again – I admire you Kathryn if i were to have to opportunity one day to meet you i would do it in a heart beat

    Sincerely Carol

  66. Emma Armstrong says:

    hi Kathy,

    My name is Emma Armstrong I live in OK,US I see you every day no Wind At My Back(I am a big fan I try not to fall all over myself about you & the show but its really hard) I like you because your character brings the show its brightness your always so happy your also pretty funny. I was wondering what was your favorite part of acting on Wind At My Back? Is it creepy having alot of people knowing so much about you and you not knowing anything about them?

  67. Emma Armstrong says:

    People in Oklahoma,USA like to laugh to:)

  68. sue carick says:

    Hello Ladies,

    I laughed till my sides hurt over your first show at the Elgin WinterGarden.
    Please please rivive some of the older material next time.
    I was expecting a new show as well in 2011.
    I know this is a lot of work to prepare new material but with your combined talent and past record it is what your fans now come to expect.


  69. Cindy Scythes says:

    Saw the show in Toronto on Tuesday with the quilter crowd and they know who they are.
    Loved the show, we never stopped laughing.

  70. Carol Ball/Rowles says:

    Ladies, I had a fantastic time at your show in Gravenhurst Friday June 10th. I had the great honour meeting three out of the four of you at “The Auburn Galery”. I understand Teresa has young kids and had to run, I’m sure she is as personable and lovley as the three of you were. “I am not that guard lady stocker” just saying, thought she crossed the line a little. I just wanted to express how mush I enjoyed the show.

  71. Karen Rideout says:

    This note is for Kathryn Greenwood. I don’t know anything about the comedy show you are now in. But I love your acting on Wind at my Back. It has become such a favorite to me. Your humor on the show still makes me laugh!!
    Karen USA

  72. Larry James says:

    So WHY isn’t there a tour date for WOMEN FULLY CLOTHED in California?

    My wife and I first discovered Kathryn Greenwood in WIND AT MY BACK… her GRACE BAILEY character was ABSOLUTELY CHARMING! We MISS THAT SHOW!!

    I’m sure that, with Kathryn and the others, a NORTHERN CALIFORNIA engagement would be VERY APPRECIATED! Northern California is a mecca
    for working women/ladies/etc. —

    Thanks for your support…

    Regards from NORTHERN CALIFORNIA (San Mateo),

    Larry James

    • WFC says:

      Hi Larry,

      We are coming to California. Saratoga and Redding. But hoping to add more dates. Keep checking the website.

      Thanks so much!


  73. robin duke says:

    Great post Kathy and great job on the radio spot. I heard it yesterday and you are the voice over queen.