Happened in Vegas, (but it’s not staying there)


We HAVE to talk about it!  Thanks for the flowers, Smith Center. Just a taste of how warmly we were treated in your gorgeous theatre.  We love performing here,  1,100  people in the house tonight and it felt like they were our best friends.  We know how lucky we are, by the way.

Hey We’ve got a WFC Contest


Yes, that’s right. It’s our inaugural Women Fully contest and we need your help and advice on what and how to pack as lightly as possible for our upcoming tour. In a week’s time we are leaving for California for a ten day tour that includes shows in Los Vegas, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, […]

Hey California!!


We’re on our way soon!   Saratoga is sold out, but you can still get some tickets for a few of our other Golden State shows, including Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo!  We are coming from the land of endless winter and CAN NOT WAIT!

Teresa in Northern Ontario


Just a pretty picture from a tour a few years back.  Very lucky to have a decade full of these pictures!

Collingwood, Here We Come!!


And we can hardly wait, see you there!!

Happy New Year!


Off to a good start!  Women Fully Clothed wishes you health and happiness in 2014.

The Muppet Christmas Carol


Do you know how much I love this movie?  No, of course you don’t, how could you?  Anyway, there are so many Christmas movies I love, but I want to make mention of this one because I think it gets overlooked.  Honestly, it’s one of Michael Caine’s finest performances.  In amongst the cute, funny, poignant […]

Chatham and Brighton


We had a fabulous time in Chatham, Ontario and Brighton, Michigan.   Our audiences were fantastic in both cities.  Let me tell you…you who might be sick of so many negative stories and images in the news and in your lives on a daily basis..just in case you are stuck inside and can’t get away […]

How We Can Help


Our thoughts are with the people of the Philippines.  The Canadian government will match donations for the Philippines made to registered Canadian charities.  www.plancanada.ca  and www.redcross.ca are two examples of many wonderful organizations ready to help.

Women Fully Clothed Take It All Off


So, yeah, we innocently neglected to renew our claim to womenfullyclothed.com recently and, voila, a porn site grabbed it!  We managed to get it back safe and sound, but we must apologize to all those who checked out our fully clothed site this week and found quite the opposite.  Believe me, we were just as […]