We’re coming to Toronto’s Royal Cinema with our ‘Best Of’ show on March 3rd. It’s part of @TOsketchfest. Come join us for a laugh!!

Robin’s New Ride


Yeah, that’s Robin in there, building a cottage, not kidding, and she’s enjoying it a little too much.  You’re not ever going to hear her singing our I Hate the Cottage song, this is her happy place.

Back at at!

WFC in New York

hey Kathy thanks for getting us up and running again and paying attention to all of you who have been wanting to know what we’ve been up to. I’ve had a busy summer spending a lot of it up north in cottage country and then two weeks in Halifax for my 2nd residency at King’s […]

Back To School


It’s that time of year for the kids so we’re following suit. We need to give some attention to our website since it’s pesky cousins – twitter,facebook,etc etc – have stolen the spotlight recently. We’ll be checking in and keeping you up to date on what’s happening; as a group and individually. We hope you’re […]

We’re Coming To Burlington!


The Burlington Performing Arts Centre on October 5th, a matinee!! Tickets are almost sold out so get ’em while the gettin’s good! Can’t wait!



This is one of the most beautiful areas in California, we want to have an office here so we have a reason to visit every month. The Montalvo Theatre is hidden up in the lush hills. The crew is so friendly, and so was the audience. We want more time here! Thanks for ending our […]



Are you kidding me Modesto?!  A sold out, 1200 hundred seat theatre,  and it was a KILLER show!  What a crazy, fun house. I know I’m running out of adjectives because we’ve had such a great experience in every town.   This was one for the books though, thanks for the experience. And then we […]

San Luis Obispo


We’ve never been here before and it’s spectacular.  Such a gorgeous  town nestled in the I-have-no-idea mountains.  And the restaurants??  Fabulous   Loved doing our show here.  This is Teresa with balloon flowers kindly sent backstage by “Dr. Magic”.

Santa Barbara…


…was insanely wonderful!  The Lobero Theatre just made it to our favourites list. Warm, intimate and full of history.  The audience was amazing. Of course, Santa Barbara ain’t so bad either. Utterly beautiful with Super Rica tacos  on the side. We loved it and hope  we come back.

Thousand Oaks


2 really fun shows here!  We always have such a warm  reception in this beautiful town.  And afterward, a great night out with our California friends. Here are Robin and her SNL pal Mary Gross catching up post show.