Jayne’s New Shoes


Ok, not really, Jayne’s just had surgery and this is what she has to wear for a few weeks.   But when they come off she’ll have princess feet.   Those tootsies will be hitting the stage soon!

Off to the Mall


Honestly, somebody stop us.  We should be resting between shows, but not a chance if we’re in a 20 mile radius of a mall.  January sales of winter clothes in Florida…can you say ” J.Crew wool sweater for $25?”  Can you blame us?  Look at that sky.  It always looked like that.  (Kathy)

Target or Target (said with a silent “t”)


So we spent the day in Frederick, MD like we spend many days of our tour … shopping! We hit Target first off. Jayne found some lovely tops. Kathy found some great gifts for her girls. Robin bought some books and a great gift basket at Barnes and Noble. I found a great pair of […]

Muchas Gracias


I love Toronto. But, for the love of all things spicy with a hint of lime and cilantro, just TRY to find a corn tortilla in this city. Honestly, we have wheat tortillas coming out of our wasp bakery’ed, president’s choice’d, healthy wrap’d arses, and who cares? They taste like wallpaper. Yes they do. Yes […]

Recycled Book Notebooks


These are sweet little things. I found them at the One of a Kind Craft Show in Toronto (usually held in November and some time in the spring). It’s a huge ordeal, miles of booths, but if you have a day (or two) it’s worth going at least once to see all of the goods. […]

Teresa’s Shopping Finds

Stella Luna

I do love shopping. I’m a big second hand store shopper. When we tour one of the first things I do is find out where the vintage and second hand shops are in that particular town or city. I have found some great deals on the road over the years. Amazing vintage curtains at the […]

Barbie Clothes Lady


The Barbie Clothes Lady at the Sudbury market. Okay, I don’t know her name and I don’t know if she’s still there, but if you ever find yourself in Sudbury and you’ve already seen the nickel… head over to the market. You’ll not only find our favourite perogie lady (with awesome butter tarts, by the […]