Re Bar


Ok, it’s official:  Women Fully Clothed’s Best Restaurant of Any Tour in Any Country on Any Planet award goes to…Re Bar in Victoria.  We remembered the breakfast we had here 4 years ago, killer oatmeal and egg dishes, and returned for lunch when we hit Victoria today.  What can I say?  Healthy, fresh, brilliant, utterly delicious food and drink.  […]



This is Robin at Sonny Bryan’s in Dallas.  In Toronto, when we talk about a BBQ, we’re talking about firing up the grill and spending the evening searing steaks and burgers in the backyard.  But in the south, oh dear.  I’d heard about it and had to try it, so we were mercifully directed to […]

Small Role Awards


     I can’t take it anymore.  I can’t take the amount of awards shows out there for people in “show” business.  It’s embarrassing.  I’ve loved them as much as the next gal all my life, for the same superficial reasons as everyone else: looking at pretty people, ogling their clothes, judging their speeches.  It’s a […]

The Top


The Top in Gainseville Florida is a super little restaurant full of comfort food, vegan and otherwise.  It’s quirky and cute and I finally got to have some southern fare…I indulged in Migas with a side of grits and a biscuit!  Oh goodness, why do these items not find their way to Toronto restaurants?  So […]

A Girl’s Best Friend


I love steamers.  We love steamers.  Maybe sometimes I wish they weren’t so big and clumsy and spitty, but that’s ok because it’s the big, clumsy, spitty ones that work the best.   They just do the job so elegantly and  seamlessly, (no pun intended, really).  We’d be a wrinkled mess without them every night.  Ironing just seems […]

The Moorelands Project…aka My Nephew’s Video


The Moorelands Project I had to post this because I happen to love it! Yeah, he’s my nephew, but come on…how fun is this video? It’s his first, and they did an awesome job! I’m so proud. All of you important music executives reading the Women Fully Clothed website right now, this is for you. […]

AM 740 Groupies


WFC recently spent a gorgeous spring day running around Toronto doing press for our upcoming Royal Alex shows. We booted back and forth between radio stations, t.v. stations and interviews with papers and magazines. It was a long, but fun day, and the highlight for Robin and me was our trip to AM 740. Both […]

A New and Fabulous Cookbook


I got this cookbook about a month ago and I’ve already used about 10 of the recipes. They’ve all been winners. This book is healthy (yeah yeah), easy (wha?), informative (you had me at easy), funny (gettin’ excited), fun and scrumptious (I’m in!) Raspberries with Orange Cream Sauce, Chocolate Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce, Curried Lentils […]

Teresa’s Faves

Barefoot Venus

Well, I’m no Oprah, but there are some things in my life that I love and that I wish everyone knew about. I guess we all have comforts that make us feel a bit better when our day doesn’t seem to be going according to plan. Or week. Or year for that matter. I love […]

Eau Vivre


This is tough. If we ever get tired of performing, WFC could go into the restaurant critiquing business. Eating in restaurants is what we spend 90% of our touring time doing. I think it’s why we tour, actually. There are so many fantastic places, and eventually we’ll highlight all of them. But if I have […]