Happy Hallowe’en!


I am pro candy corn. I know a large percentage of the population can’t stand this candy but I’ve loved it ever since I was a little girl visiting my cousins in Milwaukee.  It was in that group of mystical  goodies and chocolate bars we couldn’t get in Canada. But it has to be Brach’s, […]



This is what happens when we look away for one minute; Robin and Jayne start painting.  I’m proud to say I have one of each of their creations hanging on my walls.  I honestly think they should start selling them on our site.  (Kathy)

Spago’s, Windsor


I love my ‘Whose Line’ boys and I got to join them on their recent stage tour for a couple of Canadian shows.  Here we are, post show, at Spago’s, Caesar’s Palace, Windsor, Ontario, where they treated us like royalty. The mouth watering food and drink just kept coming – I felt like I was […]

Love this time of year…


….mcintosh apples are here, along with a whole bunch of other yummy, fresh produce. Walking by all of the fruit and vegetable markets in the city makes me feel like I’m in a Nora Ephron film. And, of course, I’m Meg Ryan in a cute little outfit. (Kathy)

Holler 4 Health Care


We’re very happy to be a part of this evening and to be hollerin’ about such a good cause, we Canadians like our health care! We’re in wonderful company, including Brent Carver and my friend Shirley Douglas.  Come join us if you’re in the hood.  (Kathy)

So Cute!


Look at what Teresa got me for Christmas…4 sweet, tiny, perfectly pretty bowls.  I love them.  The 4 gals get together with our manager, Hendrik, every Christmas holiday for a lovely lunch.  Ok, Hendrik ducks out after about 30 minutes because that’s about all he can take, he really does get enough of us through […]



Jayne and I love real life adventure stories.  Probably because of our mutual involvement in extreme sports and the fact that we actually met as rescuers in the Coast Guard on the Bering Sea.  Anyhoo, we eat these books up like popcorn. They’re exciting and suspenseful and a fascinating study of the human spirit…and always […]



Our musician, Bob, moved west this month, (don’t worry, he’s still our guy when we tour!), and we got together for a lunch before he left.  He chose Fresh, a great little vegetarian restaurant at Queen and Crawford in Toronto.  There are a couple of others in the city as well.  This is a picture […]

“Instant Mom”


Our good friend, Nia Vardalos, has written a book about her experience adopting her daughter through the Foster system.  It’s called “Instant Mom”, and it will be available in April.  You all know Nia from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  She’s a funny, talented, brilliant lady and a fabulous mom.  I was lucky enough to […]

Ang Lee is my favourite director…


…he is, he just is, it’s official.  Every movie he makes is beautiful.  Different, touching, thoroughly entertaining and beautiful.  Life of Pi is one of my favourite books and not only didn’t Ang Lee ruin it like every other director does with my favourite books, he brought more to it.  It’s gorgeous and crazy and utterly engaging […]