The Newest Member of Our Team


If anyone has been wondering why Women Fully Clothed has been a little quiet for a couple of months, wonder no more.  Teresa gave birth to a beautiful little girl.  We’ve been waiting for her with such excitement, Teresa’s first child, and she was worth that wait.  A bright, little, happy piece of perfection.  True to […]

Women Fully Clothed Does Dallas


    Well, we saved the best for last.  Up bright and early on a freezing cold Texas morning, we hopped into the our vans and headed for South Fork!  Can’t even try to pretend to be cool here, we couldn’t wait to be trashy tourists.  The Dallas theme song piped in on a hidden sound system, and we […]

Dangerous Marine Life


This is a sign on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale indicating what to watch out for each day.  Each flag colour represents something different, and today the purple flag was up.  I was innocently looking at the sign, expecting it to mean, “Calm Surf”, but it read “Dangerous Marine Life”!  What?!  We’re from Toronto, we don’t have […]

Craft Break with Molly Earl


Craft Break with Molly Earl   Click on the above.  If you like crafts you may like this…. Here’s Jayne and I having some fun with a couple of ‘Characters.’

Kathy Taps Deep Into Her Fantasy Life


While in Massachusetts, Women Fully Clothed was kind enough to drive to North Hampton to drop me off at Smith College.  I’m a little late, but I made it, and everything is going to be just the way I always planned.  I’m going to share a house with other amazing, brilliant, beautiful, young women.  Well, […]

Congratulations Jayne!


Our Jayne won the prestigious David Broadfoot Award at the Canadian Comedy Awards for her utterly impressive body of work through the years.  It was a surprise, (although it shouldn’t be), and totally deserved.  The place went nuts.  Jayne is beloved.  Did you know that?  Everybody loves Jayne;  us, her family, friends, co workers, fans, strangers in […]

We’ve Been Nominated…


…for a 2011 Canadian Comedy Award for Best Sketch Troupe! Heart felt thanks to our fans and to the members of the jury…you like us, you really like us! Poor Sally Fields, she took too much heat for that.

Robin on the Mountain


Robin on the Paseo Miramar Trail  California

Plastic Prescription Pill Bottle Wreath


Here’s  a way to save the planet.  Make a craft out of  all your left over plastic prescription pill bottles.  Take a coat hanger .  Cut it off at the top.  and bend it into a circle.  Poke a hole in through the bottom third of the pill bottle using an AWL.   Then thread […]

“You Light Up My Life”


“You Light Up My Life” by Robin Duke