The Vintage Players


Here we are with our director, John Hemphill, (ok, I think this pic cropped him out!!) and good friend, Jack Mosshammer, improvising at The Comedy Bar in Toronto. Jayne? Where are you? Filming a t.v. show somewhere or hiding from improv again. We’ll get ya. This is a nice way to get the creative juices […]

A Little Rick Mercer


For a giggle to get you through the endless chilly days… Rick Mercer  

See Our Jayne in “Haven”


Jayne keeps very busy when she’s not touring our show, and here’s an example.  This is an article highlighting Jayne’s role in ‘Haven’, a show that keeps taking her away to the beautiful east coast of Canada for filming.  Its fans, of course, love her in it.  This comes as no surprise to us, because […]

What the Hell-owe’en?!


I hate to sound like a prude, but it’s hard not to sound like a prude when you’re a prude.  When did Hallowe’en become Sex it up Trash Night?  I guess it was a gradual process, but now it’s full on Dress Like a Whore For No Reason Eve.  I’m shopping for costumes and everything, […]

Happy Thanksgiving!


Canadian Thanksgiving that is, of course.  Unfortunately, my blogging skills leave much to be desired.  I always intend to document my meals, the photo worthy ones at least, and include them with a recipe on this website like a good little blogger should.  Then I cook my food, take it out of the oven, put […]

Happy Thanksgiving!


Canadian Thanksgiving that is, of course.  My blogging leaves much to be desired.  I always mean to document the meals I make, the ones that end up looking photo worthy at least.  And then I take them out of the oven, put them on the table and eat them.   I NEVER remember.  Anyway, just […]



I know that other people’s wildlife sightings never seem interesting, but I have to post it anyway.  On our trip back from Pembroke we drove through Algonquin Park and it couldn’t have been a better drive if we’d booked it a year in advance with a professional Tour Bus company.  We went to the Logging […]

The Newest Member of Our Team


If anyone has been wondering why Women Fully Clothed has been a little quiet for a couple of months, wonder no more.  Teresa gave birth to a beautiful little girl.  We’ve been waiting for her with such excitement, Teresa’s first child, and she was worth that wait.  A bright, little, happy piece of perfection.  True to […]

Women Fully Clothed Does Dallas


    Well, we saved the best for last.  Up bright and early on a freezing cold Texas morning, we hopped into the our vans and headed for South Fork!  Can’t even try to pretend to be cool here, we couldn’t wait to be trashy tourists.  The Dallas theme song piped in on a hidden sound system, and we […]

Dangerous Marine Life


This is a sign on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale indicating what to watch out for each day.  Each flag colour represents something different, and today the purple flag was up.  I was innocently looking at the sign, expecting it to mean, “Calm Surf”, but it read “Dangerous Marine Life”!  What?!  We’re from Toronto, we don’t have […]