Tempeh Toast


I’ve had Tempeh in my freezer forever.  Whose Line Is It Anyway’s Jeff Davis told me to marinate it and make a sandwich, so I did.  Just marinate the tempeh in some olive oil and soy sauce (or whatever marinade you love), fry it up, and toss it with some salted avocado and tomato on […]



This is what happens when we look away for one minute; Robin and Jayne start painting.  I’m proud to say I have one of each of their creations hanging on my walls.  I honestly think they should start selling them on our site.  (Kathy)

Robin’s New Ride


Yeah, that’s Robin in there, building a cottage, not kidding, and she’s enjoying it a little too much.  You’re not ever going to hear her singing our I Hate the Cottage song, this is her happy place.

Whose Line Is It Anyway


Kathy was a member of the U.S Whose Line Is It Anyway for several seasons and recently met up with the boys again, joining them for a couple of hilarious shows on their live tour.  Here she is with Ryan Stiles, Jeff Davis, Joel Murray, and our own music man, Bob Derkach

Spago’s, Windsor


I love my ‘Whose Line’ boys and I got to join them on their recent stage tour for a couple of Canadian shows.  Here we are, post show, at Spago’s, Caesar’s Palace, Windsor, Ontario, where they treated us like royalty. The mouth watering food and drink just kept coming – I felt like I was […]

These Boots were made for working


Best purchase I have made in a long time.  Steel Toed work boots from Marks Work Warehouse.  Sturdy, great support, so comfortable  I can wear them all day.  Every woman should own a pair.  Robin

Back at at!

WFC in New York

hey Kathy thanks for getting us up and running again and paying attention to all of you who have been wanting to know what we’ve been up to. I’ve had a busy summer spending a lot of it up north in cottage country and then two weeks in Halifax for my 2nd residency at King’s […]

What’s My Line?


Kathryn joins these talented improvisers in support of ALS Canada, at the Regent Theatre in Oshawa; September 17, 2017, 2:00 . Two hours of laughter guaranteed. Call for tickets at 905 721-3399



…are amazing! I had no idea. Just pop these tangy little suckers in your mouth and eat them whole; zest, seeds and all – lots of fibre and vitamin C. That’s it, no recipe, just sour, citrusy, natural candy that I felt the need to make you aware of. (Kathy)

Back To School


It’s that time of year for the kids so we’re following suit. We need to give some attention to our website since it’s pesky cousins – twitter,facebook,etc etc – have stolen the spotlight recently. We’ll be checking in and keeping you up to date on what’s happening; as a group and individually. We hope you’re […]