Elle Canada


Check out this month’s Elle Canada, Kathy has a piece in it. (disclaimer: She did NOT come up with the title, ‘Mommy Wars’ – ick – other than that, enjoy!)



We’re coming to Toronto’s Royal Cinema with our ‘Best Of’ show on March 3rd. It’s part of @TOsketchfest. Come join us for a laugh!!

Jayne’s Pesto Pasta with Goat Cheese


Oops.  I meant to take a picture of Jayne’s Pesto Pasta but, ummm, it was really good.  Ok, from what I remember her telling me as I demolished it at Robin’s cottage it goes something like this:  Sauté sausage, set it aside.  Sauté peppers in same pan until soft and in the meantime boil some […]

Name the Movie!


This is a replica of a quick shot in a movie.  Anyone?  Every time I see this scene my mouth waters and this little breakfast is now a staple for me: fried egg, roasted red pepper and tuscan bread. Ok, the original may have been a version of ‘toad in the hole’, but this is […]

Happy Hallowe’en!


I am pro candy corn. I know a large percentage of the population can’t stand this candy but I’ve loved it ever since I was a little girl visiting my cousins in Milwaukee.  It was in that group of mystical  goodies and chocolate bars we couldn’t get in Canada. But it has to be Brach’s, […]

Shrimp Skillet


Heat some olive oil in your cast iron skillet and sautee shallots, peppers and garlic.  Toss in some shrimp and when they’re pink add a little tomato sauce.  Sprinkle grated cheese on top.  Throw the skillet under the broiler for a few minutes until it bubbles.  Serve from the skillet with some crusty bread.  This […]

Tempeh Toast


I’ve had Tempeh in my freezer forever.  Whose Line Is It Anyway’s Jeff Davis told me to marinate it and make a sandwich, so I did.  Just marinate the tempeh in some olive oil and soy sauce (or whatever marinade you love), fry it up, and toss it with some salted avocado and tomato on […]



This is what happens when we look away for one minute; Robin and Jayne start painting.  I’m proud to say I have one of each of their creations hanging on my walls.  I honestly think they should start selling them on our site.  (Kathy)

Robin’s New Ride


Yeah, that’s Robin in there, building a cottage, not kidding, and she’s enjoying it a little too much.  You’re not ever going to hear her singing our I Hate the Cottage song, this is her happy place.

Whose Line Is It Anyway


Kathy was a member of the U.S Whose Line Is It Anyway for several seasons and recently met up with the boys again, joining them for a couple of hilarious shows on their live tour.  Here she is with Ryan Stiles, Jeff Davis, Joel Murray, and our own music man, Bob Derkach