Recycled Book Notebooks


These are sweet little things. I found them at the One of a Kind Craft Show in Toronto (usually held in November and some time in the spring). It’s a huge ordeal, miles of booths, but if you have a day (or two) it’s worth going at least once to see all of the goods. Robin is our official crafter (aka Molly Earl), and she’s the real deal. She got me into church basement craft shows that aren’t too expensive, and she makes awesome crafts from everyday household items, including a festive Chrismas Card hanger, made out of a clothes hanger and clothes pens that I look forward to unpacking every year. The One of a Kind show is more along the lines of an Artisan show, and it ain’t cheap, but this is the booth I visit every time I go. They’re old books that, instead of being tossed, have been recycled into note books. The covers are in tact, and every third or fourth page of plain white paper, there’s a page from the original book. They are so cute that I keep buying them. The trouble is, they’re so cute that I never use them! Up ’til now. I know it’s a waste if I don’t, so I’ve found little purposes for each, and they’re all strewn across my desk. Margie, the artist, has a ton of selections. I can’t find a website for her, but her email is if anyone wants to find out more about them, or where else to find them. (Kathy)

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